Meraki MX64 WAN Ports

The Meraki MX64 comes with 1 WAN Port and 4 LAN Ports.  You can configure it to utilize one of the LAN ports for WAN #2.


PowerEdge R230 – UEFI Drivers Issues and L2/L3 Error Mesage

Avago EFI SAS Driver: Unhealthy status reported by this UEFI driver without specific error message(s).

UEFI0116: One or more boot drivers have reported issue(s).  Check the Driver Health Menu in Boot Manager details.

One or more boot drivers require configuration changes.  Press any key to load the driver health manager for configurations.



1. Power down system and remove the PERC H330 card.

2. Boot system and enter F2 setup menu and change BIOS UEFI mode to BOOT mode and Exit.

3. Boot system, you’ll get error message. That’s normal. Power down system.

3. Re-install the PERC H330 card.

4. Power up the system and press “X” when boot error prompt for user interaction.

5. Enter F2 setup menu and change BIOS BOOT mode back to UEFI mode. Exit BIOS and it should boot properly without L2/L3 error message



How to clear NVRAM.

NVRAM_CLR Jumper Reset


NVRAM_CLR Jumper Default



Winload.exe Missing in Windows 10

Unable to boot to Windows 10, winload.exe error.  The cause may be the boot configuration data is missing/corrupted.


Use a Windows 10 bootable disc or usb drive to boot to the menu like below.  Then following the screen shots.

Commands to repair critical disk structures are as follow (I’m retyping as shown the above image).

bootrec /rebuildbcd