OfficeScan 11 Critical Patches 6496

Install patches/hotfixes in chronological order.  When installing CP 6496, the build number will not be updated however, you can verify that the patch completed successfully by checking the PCCSRV\Backup folder.

Please make sure to take a snapshot of your machine before applying the patch and if you are using SQL make a backup of SQL DB too.

Also on your console go to Agent -> Agent Management and select OfficeScan Server on the left top and
Right Click -> Setting -> Privileges and Other Settings -> Other Setting Tab and check the box for “Agent can update components but not upgrade the program or deploy hotfix”
This will block ALL your agents from upgrading the program while you apply patches. Agents can always jump straight to the latest patch level once you let them upgrade Program by unchecked the setting.
This is very important because you don’t want all your agents to start upgrading their agent program right away as this might cause performance issues.