Sonicwall Analyzer 8.1 Installation and Configuration

  1.  Install  Analyzer 8.1 and accept default, file name
  2. Launch Analyzer and run setup to activate license.  Requires mySonicwall Login.
  3. Database configuration setup will ask to create database user and password, and root password.
  4. Switch to Application interface, Firewall tab, right click on GlobalView (LocalDomain) and click Add Unit… screenhunter_835-oct-13-09-58
  5. Modify Unit, Sonicwall information. screenhunter_835-oct-13-09-56
  6. In Sonicwall -> Log, Syslog Servers->Enable Analyzer Settings, add server name/IP and Port.
  7. Go back to the Analyzer Application Interface->Firewall tab, the report will slowly populate.
  8. All services started screenhunter_835-oct-13-10-03




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