Domain Controllers Taking Too Long to Replicate After Rebooted – Network Service Outage

Microsoft Operations Management Suite -> AD Assessment: No Global Catalog server in Domain or Active Directory forest.  Add at least 1 GC.

  • Your Active Directory forest does not contain any global catalog servers (GCs).  This may result in total service outage if the link between sites fails because domain controllers (DCs) will no longer be able to service authentication requests.
  • One or more domains have no Global Catalog server.  This means that domain controllers (DCs) will be unable to resolve objects in other domains within your Active Directory forest.  Authentication requests may fail and applications such as Microsoft Exchange Server and Outlook clients may cease to function correctly.


Despite the above assessment, I have three Global Catalog servers.

To list Global Catalog servers-> repadmin /viewlist gc:


Diagnose with Nltest Utility

Get Global Catalog detail information-> nltest /dsgetdc:DomainName /gc

Screen shot below.  As you can see.  IP address is incorrect.

ScreenHunter_777 Sep. 01 07.24


Directory Service Event Log

ScreenHunter_777 Sep. 01 07.29


My simple fix: Uninstall/remove NIC software and driver.  Install the latest driver.  Restart.

After updated to the latest driver,  run the get Global Catalog detail information command-> nltest /dsgetdc:DomainName /gc


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