Launch Citrix AppCenter Unexpected Errors: MFCOM – IMA_RESULT_FAILURE

Unable to perform discovery in Citrix XenApp. ScreenHunter_777 Aug. 15 10.12


Administravtive Events: IMA_RESULTS_FAILURE, failed to connect to the data store.

ScreenHunter_777 Aug. 15 09.46

ScreenHunter_776 Aug. 15 09.46

ScreenHunter_775 Aug. 15 09.46


Run Citrix Scout from a single XenDesktop controller (DDC) or XenApp server to capture key data points and CDF traces for selected computers followed by secure and reliable upload of the data package to Citrix Technical Support. Just run collect and upload not CDF trace. Upload the data to

Citrix Scout error on IMA Datastore

ScreenHunter_775 Aug. 15 09.09


Clients can launch publish applications fine.

ScreenHunter_777 Aug. 15 10.14


Citrix MFCOM Service and other Citrix Services are started normal.

ScreenHunter_777 Aug. 15 10.07



Verify mf20.dsn file, ensure username/password is correct and have database write access.

ScreenHunter_777 Aug. 15 10.19


You can update username/password with IMA Helper.

  1. Stop IMA, this won’t affect active users.
  2. DSMaint Config: enter the Domain, User, Password, DSN File, and click RunScreenHunter_777 Aug. 15 10.01
  3. After clicking Run, a message will prompt -> Successfully connected to the datastore.screenhunter_835-jan-30-10-23
  4. Start IMA.  Check IMA Status.screenhunter_835-jan-30-10-40

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