Ipswitch: FTP Client Disconnected by Server

FTP client: WinSCP unable to establish FTP connection.

ScreenHunter_762 Jul. 25 13.30

Please enable verbose logging by going to Manage Server/Other Settings/Log Settings and change the Logging Level to Verbose. Restart the services.

Then connect again and check the WS_FTP Server .xml log file, located by default at: C:\Program Files (x86)\Ipswitch\Logging Server\Logs, the IP of the computer you are connecting from, the username connecting and the time of day the connection failed.



Clear VPN Registry Keys

Open up Registry Editor -> regedit

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\Connections

Delete VPN key you had created.

Device Manager:
Network adapters, uninstall the following

  • WAN Miniport (IP)
  • WAN Miniport (IPv6)
  • WAN Miniport (PPTP)

then Scan for hardware changes.  The above will come back.

Add Physical Disk to Existing RAID5 in OMSA

I have Dell PE r510 with RAID5 configuration.  The virtual disk in RAID5 is running low in disk space.   I want to add a physical disk to existing RAID5 without losing data.

Insert new physical disk 0:0:5.  It shows state as Foreign.ScreenHunter_07 Jul. 15 23.32

In RAID5 controller, select Foreign Configuration Operations…ScreenHunter_07 Jul. 15 23.31

Click Clear to clear the Orphan Disk 0.ScreenHunter_07 Jul. 15 23.33ScreenHunter_07 Jul. 15 23.34

After it’s cleared, the state becomes Ready.ScreenHunter_07 Jul. 15 23.35

In virtual disk 1, select Reconfigure…ScreenHunter_07 Jul. 15 23.36

Check the box new physical disk 0:0:5.  Verify it’s checked on the right side as well.ScreenHunter_07 Jul. 15 23.37

Select RAID5.ScreenHunter_07 Jul. 15 23.38

Click Finish to complete the reconfiguration.ScreenHunter_07 Jul. 15 23.41

Virtual Disk 1, reconstructing state.ScreenHunter_07 Jul. 15 23.45