Backup Exec, Event 33152, Adamm Database Event: Database Connection Lost!

Backup job on seeking status for several minutes then failed.  Checked logon credentials, reconnected all remote servers, and reapplied all remote agents successful but backup job still failed.

Check in Event View under Application.

ScreenHunter_758 May. 13 13.14


Error on SQL database has been lost.

ScreenHunter_754 May. 13 08.42



  1. Chances are the database is disconnected from host.  Check Catalog path and ensure is valid.  Restart all services.  This may fix the problem.  Continue next step if it’s not resolved.

ScreenHunter_758 May. 13 13.08

2. Run Backup Exec Utility.

ScreenHunter_760 May. 13 13.25

3. Repair database.

ScreenHunter_759 May. 13 13.22

ScreenHunter_758 May. 13 13.20

4.  Rebuilding database indeces.

ScreenHunter_758 May. 13 13.19

5.  Compacting database.

ScreenHunter_758 May. 13 13.18

6.  Aging database.

ScreenHunter_758 May. 13 13.17

7.  Checking database consistency.

ScreenHunter_758 May. 13 13.16

8.  Check remote servers connectivity.  Should look like the icons below.  No black icons.

ScreenHunter_758 May. 13 09.09

9.  You may need to repair Backup Exec.

ScreenHunter_758 May. 13 10.11



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