Install iConstruct 2015 for Naviswork 2014

Install iConstruct 2015 for Naviswork 2014 on Windows 2008 R2 as a host server with SQL Server Express.

Host Server:

  1. Install SQLEXPR_x64_ENU -> Default Instance, SQL Authentication (use sa account)
  2. From local, run Setup (iConstruct_2015_Navisworks_2014_260315)
  3. Select iConstruct BIM-Flow Server

iconstruct features

4.  When prompt for SQL info:

  • Server name: hostname or IP address
  • Database name: accept default (iConstruct)
  • Sql authentication: sa

5.  iConstruct Server Service created

iconstruct services

Client Computer with iConstruct already installed:

  1. Exit iConstruct instance
  2. Run as command, use the same username/credential as iConstruct BIM-Flow Server install instance from the host.

ScreenHunter_684 Oct. 29 10.14

3.  iConstruct 2015 BIM-Flow ToolSuite 2015 will open.

4.  Configure Server Address

ScreenHunter_684 Oct. 29 10.10

    • Click OK
    • Add active users
    • Exit program

5.  Open iConstruct Program.  Note: “Working online” status at the bottom of program indicates client is connected with host.

ScreenHunter_684 Oct. 29 10.08


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