Uninstall/Install Windows Server 2012 Product Key in Powershell

Uninstall product key.

ScreenHunter_679 Sep. 16 09.36


Install product key.

ScreenHunter_679 Sep. 16 13.18


Verify product key activated.

ScreenHunter_679 Sep. 16 09.43


Windows Desktop Refresh Failed

Saving file or deleting file to/from desktop did not work until you manual refresh or hit the F5 key.


Click Start.  Hold Shift & Control keys together, right click mouse above the ‘Shut down’, and select Exit Explorer.  You will get blank desktop.

ScreenHunter_679 Sep. 14 13.15


Go to Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Delete).  Create new task in File menu and type Explorer and OK.  See below.

ScreenHunter_679 Sep. 14 13.17