Usage: DnsCmd <ServerName> <Command> [<Command Parameters>]

IP address or host name    — remote or local DNS server
.                          — DNS server on local machine
/Info                      — Get server information
/Config                    — Reset server or zone configuration
/EnumZones                 — Enumerate zones
/Statistics                — Query/clear server statistics data
/ClearCache                — Clear DNS server cache
/WriteBackFiles            — Write back all zone or root-hint datafile(s)
/StartScavenging           — Initiates server scavenging
/IpValidate                — Validate remote DNS servers
/ResetListenAddresses      — Set server IP address(es) to serve DNS requests
/ResetForwarders           — Set DNS servers to forward recursive queries to
/ZoneInfo                  — View zone information
/ZoneAdd                   — Create a new zone on the DNS server
/ZoneDelete                — Delete a zone from DNS server or DS
/ZonePause                 — Pause a zone
/ZoneResume                — Resume a zone
/ZoneReload                — Reload zone from its database (file or DS)
/ZoneWriteBack             — Write back zone to file
/ZoneRefresh               — Force refresh of secondary zone from master
/ZoneUpdateFromDs          — Update a DS integrated zone by data from DS
/ZonePrint                 — Display all records in the zone
/ZoneResetType             — Change zone type
/ZoneResetSecondaries      — Reset secondary\notify information for a zone
/ZoneResetScavengeServers  — Reset scavenging servers for a zone
/ZoneResetMasters          — Reset secondary zone’s master servers
/ZoneExport                — Export a zone to file
/ZoneChangeDirectoryPartition — Move a zone to another directory partition
/TrustAnchorsResetType     — Change zone type for a trust anchor zone
/EnumRecords               — Enumerate records at a name
/RecordAdd                 — Create a record in zone or RootHints
/RecordDelete              — Delete a record from zone, RootHints or cache
/NodeDelete                — Delete all records at a name
/AgeAllRecords             — Force aging on node(s) in zone
/TrustAnchorAdd            — Create a new trust anchor zone on the DNS server
/TrustAnchorDelete         — Delete a trust anchor zone from DNS server or DS
/EnumTrustAnchors          — Enumerate records at a name
/EnumDirectoryPartitions   — Enumerate directory partitions
/DirectoryPartitionInfo    — Get info on a directory partition
/CreateDirectoryPartition  — Create a directory partition
/DeleteDirectoryPartition  — Delete a directory partition
/EnlistDirectoryPartition  — Add DNS server to partition replication scope
/UnenlistDirectoryPartition — Remove DNS server from replication scope
/CreateBuiltinDirectoryPartitions — Create built-in partitions
/ExportSettings            — Output settings to DnsSettings.txt in the DNS server database directory
/OfflineSign               — Offline signing zone files, including key generation/deletion

<Command Parameters>:
DnsCmd <CommandName> /? — For help info on specific Command



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