iConstruct for Navis & BIM Flow – Server/Client


  • Install CodeMeter Runtime and activate serial & key.
  • Install iConstruct BIM-Flow Server, ReviewTRACK Server, and Network License Manager
  • Verify started services: CodeMeter Runtime Server, iConstruct License Server Logger Service, and iConstruct Server Service.

Check server license and activation: CodeMeter WebAdmin: License container, configuration, license holder -> http://LicenseServer:22350



  • nstall iConstruct_201x_for_Navisworks_201x Setup.exe file as network workstation client , enter ServerName or IP Address.
  • ScreenHunter_777 Aug. 23 12.29


Server port troubleshoot:

Telnet: Client -> Server

C:\>telnet serverIP 6077

Blank screen means path is good.  Escape to exit.


Debug a crashed program will lockout network license server!  Contact support for new activation license.

CodeMeter Log From Client:

2016-08-23 13:44:27: Remote Access over LAN to to FC:PC=5000378:100 with StationShare Mode (Handle 28)
2016-08-23 13:44:27: API Error 38 (FIRM ACCESS COUNTER ZERO) occurred!

FIRM ACCESS COUNTER ZERO -> debug has been executed


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