DHCP Server Migration (Windows 2003->2008)

Windows Server 2003 (Source)

  1. Export DHCP to txt file, cmd prompt>netsh dhcp server export c:\dhcp_backup.txt all
  2. Stop DCHP server service
  3. Copy dhcp_backup.txt to Windows Server 2008 (destination server, C drive)

Windows Server 2008 R2 (Destination)

  1. Add DHCP server role
  2. Verify server IP address (unallocated)
  3. Validate parent domain and DNS IP addresses
  4. No WINS
  5. No Scopes (will be populated from import)
  6. Disable DHCPv6 Stateless
  7. Use domain admin credential
  8. Installation succeeded
  9. *Start DHCP service
  10. Cmd prompt>netsh dhcp server import c:\dhcp_backup.txt all
  11. Command completed successfully
  12. Restart DHCP server service
  13. Verify scope
  14. List DHCP servers available, cmd prompt>netsh dhcp show server

* Destination server, import will fail if DHCP service is stopped! Error->Unable to determine the DHCP Server version for the Server x.x.x.x.  Server may not function properly.


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