Asus G750JZ – How To Downgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 7.

Source & Support:

If  you want Asus to support on how to downgrade to Windows 7, which they don’t recommend, before you do anything you must call them first.

My solution:

I have 2 SSD drives (128 GB) and a single TB drive.  I followed the above link plus the following:

  1. BIOS – enable CSM, disable Secure Boot, and save you changes.
  2. Boot to RAID Utility (Ctrl+I), delete the current RAID setting. Create new RAID0 (stripe).  This will merge 2 SSD drives (128 GB) to a total single volume of 256 GB. Save your configuration.
  3. Boot to Windows 7 install disc.
  4. Your SSD/HDD is probably formatted as a GPT partition and it is best to convert it to MBR but that is not mandatory.
    While you are at the partition selection screen, press SHIFT + F10
    You will get a DOS Command Prompt Window
    Type diskpart then hit Enter
    Type select disk 0 then hit Enter
    type clean then hit Enter
    type convert mbr then hit Enter
    type create partition primary align=4096 then hit Enter
  5. You should be able to install Windows to a single volume drives (256 GB).
  6. After all drivers and Windows updates installed, I added a 3rd drive (1 TB) to be my D-Drive.