File and Folder Permissions

Applies To: Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2 ->

The following table lists the access limitations for each set of special NTFS permissions.

Special permissions Full Control Modify Read & Execute List Folder Contents (folders only) Read Write
Traverse Folder/Execute File x x x x
List Folder/Read Data x x x x x
Read Attributes x x x x x
Read Extended Attributes x x x x x
Create Files/Write Data x x x
Create Folders/Append Data x x x
Write Attributes x x x
Write Extended Attributes x x x
Delete Subfolders and Files x
Delete x x
Read Permissions x x x x x x
Change Permissions x
Take Ownership x
Synchronize x x x x x x
Groups or users granted Full Control permission on a folder can delete any files in that folder regardless of the permissions protecting the file.

Task Scheduler Windows 2008


This task requires that the user account specified has Log on as batch job rights.  For more information about setting this policy, see the Task Security Context topic in Help.


Task Scheduler requires authenticated user from the Backup Operators group of that server.  Backup Operators can override security restrictions for the sole purpose of backing up or restoring files.  Use its member or add user to the members.


ipMonitor Upgrade 10.8.2

  • Install the upgrade file.  Make note of the original installed directory ie. C or D drive.
  • stop or restart ipmonitor services
  • Update License Manager, check the lic tool.
  • add administrator account: standard is fine
  • communications: web server ports, check that the http and https ports are not in use.  Make change if necessary.
  • launch web console: https://localhost:secureport
  • check all managed devices that all are green.
  • delete credentials.db in solarwinds\ipmonitor\cred
  • recreate credentials.db in cmd prompt: soloarwinds\ipmonitor>ipmconfig /firstrun