Installing SharePoint Server 2010 – Setup Help on Server Type

Choose the server type

You can install the following configurations:

Complete – Install all components. Can add server to form a SharePoint farm.

The Complete option installs a Web server and configures the computer to provide application server functionality. It does not provide database functionality. You must provide connectivity and credentials settings to connect to an existing SQL Server instance. Although SQL Server can be installed on this same computer, it is recommended that you install SQL Server on a separate computer.

 Note   You can also install Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 for a front-end Web server rather than Complete, but you must use the command line to do so.

Stand-alone – Install all components on a single computer (including SQL Server Express 2008). Cannot add servers to create a SharePoint farm.

A Stand-alone installation configures a single computer with all the necessary files and settings to create a fully functioning SharePoint implementation, including Web server, application server, and database. SQL Server Express is installed and configured to provide data storage capability. Although SQL Server Express is based on the Microsoft SQL Server architecture, it has the following limitations:

  • Lack of enterprise features support.
  • Limited to one CPU.
  • One gigabyte (GB) memory limit for the buffer pool.
  • Databases have a 4 GB maximum size.

SQL Server Express will not support a server farm configuration or a multi-processor computer. If you anticipate the need to scale up to a larger or more robust installation, choose the Complete option.

 Note   You can perform a stand-alone installation either by selecting Stand-alone on this screen or by clicking Standalone on the previous screen. The difference is that by clicking Stand-alone on this screen, you can choose the installation path and define feedback options. After this screen, both options follow the same steps and result in the same outcome.


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