Configure Router Telephony


Router#conf t



max-dn  max-ephones 

Router(config-telephony)#max-dn ?

  <1-144>  Maximum directory numbers supported

Router(config-telephony)#max-dn 10

Router(config-telephony)#max-ephones ?

  <1-42>  Maximum phones to support

Router(config-telephony)#max-ephones 10

Router(config-telephony)#ip source-address port 2000

Router(config-telephony)#auto ?

  assign  Define dn range for auto assignment

Router(config-telephony)#auto assign ?

  <1-144>  start dn tag

Router(config-telephony)#auto assign 1 ?

  to  to

Router(config-telephony)#auto assign 1 to 9



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