EBM Network SQL Database Migration (Default Instance)

EBM Network SQL Database Migration (Default Instance)

1. Install EBM Network Server on the new server. For simplest configuration, installation should be identical to the old server.
2. On the old server, stop MSSQL Server, copy ebm.ldf and emb.mdf to the new server
3. On the old server, copy settings2.* and user2.* (should be 4 files of each) to the new server and overwrite.
4. On the new server, open Sql Server Configuration Manager. Set the status to enabled except for VIA in Protocols for MSSQLSERVER. Restart service when done.
5. On the new server, open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio. Right click on database folder and select Attach…
6. Click Add.. and browse to ebm.mdk.
7. Security folder, add EBMADMIN if you haven’t already done so.
8. Check Server Roles: public, serveradmin, and sysadmin should be checked.
9. On the new server, these 3 services must be on automatic started: SQL Server (MSSQLSERVER), SQL Server Agent (MSSQLSERVER), and SQL Server Browser.
10. On the new server, ebmconnect.ini should read:
Provider=SQLOLEDB.1;Password=YouPassword;Persist Security Info=True;User Id=EBMADMIN;Initial Catalog=EBM;Data Source=NewServerName;Use Encryption for Data=False;
11. Right click EBM shortcut icon, target and start in should read:
Target: “D:\Vision SQL\EBM3K\EBMSKSQL.EXE” /R
Start in: “D:\Vision SQL\EBMSK”
12. Check File Locations in EMB settings.
13. Call in for Program Unlock Code
14. Network users should access the server directory and copy the shortcut icon to their desktop.
15. Registry editor: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Visioin\EBM3000\Settings\Workstation -> delete the connect string.


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